Supporting Girls in Education

Brad is donating the proceeds of this exhibition to a not for profit organization called AusCam Freedom Project. When quizzed about why he chose AusCam Freedom Project, Brad speaks about his desire to make a real difference rather than just feeling like he has. “I see a lot of organizations trying to good without acknowledging that a big part of the drive is to feel like a bit of a hero and this can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the organisation. I am not immune to this but really want to invest in an organization that has a clear aim to ‘do the most good’. AusCam Freedom Project prides itself on trying to do the most good, they have a preventative approach to engaging with the issue of sex trafficking in Cambodia. Their current statement captures it all “we believe when you educate a girl she can change her world.” AusCam work with schools to support girls whose families are struggling, it works with them to provide the necessary emotional, financial and practical support so that the girl can stay and thrive in school. Brad talks excitedly about the importance and power of education. “If you invest a little in education, you end up with huge returns that last for generations.” When asked “why girls” Brad describes his acute awareness that the world is not an even playing field. “I am a middle-class white male, there is so much privilege where I sit. To tell you the truth, I can’t but help to love where I sit, I don’t really feel any guilt for the advantage it provides me, perhaps I should. But I do feel a real drive to do something about the inequity and I think the best way to do that is to support girls, plus it seems that working with girls and women arguably has better impact than working with boys, which is strange and amazing.” During the exhibition opening Brad will share a little about his experience working with the Auscam team