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A Little Strange

Brad’s art is very similar to who he is as a person, a little strange. Brad’s work leaves you wondering where these ideas come from and what the hell was he thinking when he created them. Brad just can’t seem to help himself, no matter how much he tries not to, Brad is just always thinking. The thinking just keeps revolving around and around and around, like a large chunk of ice in a blender, not necessarily breaking down to make a great smoothie, but definitely making a lot of unnecessary noise. Over the years Brad has managed to turn the incessant voice in his head into an art form. Brad’s art is almost his act of meditation, but without the incense, chanting or awkward genuflections. Brad paints his way out of the noisy thought blender. Sometimes the thinking takes the lead and pushing the image in strange and wonderful directions, at others the image leads the way. Much like some kind of magical dance partners both the thinking and the images grapple with the strengths and weaknesses of the other to create something almost entirely outside of the control of the other.  

At the heart of Brad’s work is a deep fascination with humans, which may in fact betray his secret unfamiliarity with the emotional experiences of others, like an anthrozoologist that wishes it was the animal it is so fascinated with, Brad’s work is an exploration of what it means to be fully human while simultaneously acknowledging that the view from the luxury seats may not provide the best view of the experience of those at ground level. Don’t get me wrong, Brad couldn’t be happier to have won the genetic lottery, he has little desire to live with the challenges associated with being poor, a woman in a heavily imbalanced world or anything other than heterosexual, but his art and perhaps life attempt to grapple with this imbalance.

Brad’s art is unquestionably clever, it is not always beautiful, and it doesn’t always make you feel comfortable, but it will certainly make you think. In fact, the best description I have heard is that Brad’s art is like a ‘slap in the brain’ and who doesn’t like a good brain slapping from time to time.